Turn unused space into Recurring Revenue

About us

Custom Storage Systems is the leader in providing self-storage units to building owners, coop and condo boards and property managers.

Our Mission

We take the underdeveloped, underutilized, out of the way, below the living or work area and turn it into valuable, high quality, safe and protected storage real estate. In other words We Make Space.

Great Products and Service

We provide the highest quality, newest products the storage industry has to offer and we are proud of our reputation for reliability, quality and caring about what our customers care about.

We Get it!

CSS understands how important it is to be able to maximize rental Income and building value for Landlords, Condominiums, Co-ops and Office Buildings by building on-site rental storage units for tenants use in new and existing buildings.

Our Storage Solutions Provides a WIN - WIN
We cater to the Landlord & Tenants needs. The addition of On-Site Self Storage to your building will add income and value to the building, and it is a wanted and needed amenity for your tenants.

The Return On Investment to build these units is about a year and a half, Including Installation!!! Even at below-market rental rates. Rented units increase the value of the building. Tenants want and need the convenience of On-Site Storage