Turn unused space into Recurring Revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

ON-SITE Self Storage is the simple solution to the problem of not having enough space in your apartment to store extra items.
An ON-SITE Self Storage facility provides tenants with their own individual space. Self Storage differs from traditional storage in that the owner of the goods, is responsible for, and retains control over their goods after they have put them into storage. You secure your storage unit with your own lock, keep the key, and have access to your items anytime you need them.
Furniture, books, files, camping equipment, seasonal clothing. Items that do not meet safety requirements are not permitted such as hazardous or toxic materials. Anything that would be combustible or explosive in nature such as a can of gasoline or cans of paint, dynamite, etc.
Please discuss this with your co-op, condo, owner or property manager. Usually a contract is based on monthly or yearly rental
Because the facility is on sight, the move in can be done at your convenience. This is a huge advantage to outside storage as you are not limited to times of operation or when you have spare time to deliver your items you want in storage. It should take less than 5 minutes to bring those unwanted items into your ON-SITE storage.
You need to be a tenant of the building that the ON-SITE Self Storage facility is located.
Insurance is the tenant's responsibility. You may carry your own insurance. Check your homeowner's or renter's policy to see if you are already covered. If not, apply for insurance coverage from a company that specializes in Self Storage insurance. Print our Inventory Guide.
The beauty of ON-SITE self storage is that there are NO HOURS OF OPERATION. When you need it, you got it!
Once you are advised by your Condo, Co-op, Owner, or Building Manager that a Storage facility is being installed, we suggest you immediately request a reservation. There will always be more Tenants than ON-SITE storage. Therefore, demand will be much higher than supply